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Small Shop Services

HONOR SERVICES OFFICE™ is committed to helping small shop and boutique owners focus on business results
Small Shop Marketing

Small Shop Marketing Training - $99 / Person

Learn how to market your small shop to make people notice. Get tips, tricks and techniques to doing successful Local Store Marketing (LSM) that works. Includes books, workbooks and private sessions.
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Small Shop Sales

Small Shop Sales Training - $99 / Person

Learn a sales approach that fits your business. Having a small shop needs custom techniques that enables you and your staff to focus on the business growth. Includes books, workbooks and private sessions.
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Home Based Business Services

HONOR SERVICES OFFICE™ is just right for you! We help you with your home based business so you can grow in comfort.

How to Manage My Dollars Webinar - $45

Learn how to keep records of your income, expenses and profit. Learn invoicing and donation collection. Watch your business grow with the proper techniques! Also includes inventory management for non-inventory items, inventory replenishment and forecasting.
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My Marketing

How to Market My Business - $65

Learn how to market your home-based business to your new online market. Servicing a larger audience take professionalism. Now that you are online, you have access to a broader audience.
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My Marketing

How to Grow My Sales on Purpose - $65

Learn how to sell the peaceful way. No pushing or annoying people, just Peaceful Selling ™. Learn easy sales techniques to grow your small business.
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Do it Yourself Services

HONOR SERVICES OFFICE™ provides you with tools to help the "Do it Yourself'er".
Plans to Prosper

Plans to Prosper Marketing Books - $43

Many business owners often feel as though they’re “winging it” as they carry on day to day. They lack a plan or resources to keep them focused. Also, they aren’t reaching their financial goals.

Does that sound familiar?

Plans to Prosper: Strategies, Systems and Tools for Small Business Marketing Success is a step-by-step guide to growing businesses through effective marketing. We take the guess work out of marketing strategies in order to help save you money.

Price includes Book, Workbook and Shipping
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Plans to Prosper

Peaceful Selling Sales Books - $43

When you say, “Buy, buy, buy” to your customers, they are thinking, Bye, bye, bye to you and the sale. In Peaceful Selling: Easy Sales Techniques to Grow Your Small Business, we challenge the belief that selling must be out of your comfort zone. Peaceful Selling means selling your way.

After seeing thousands of entrepreneurs struggle, we developed methods and quality resources to help break down that anxiety and turn it into positive energy to make the sale.

Price includes Book, Workbook and Shipping
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My Marketing

Plans to Prosper Marketing Book - $20

Choose a marketing strategy that’s right for you.

Market in a short period of time on a small budget while increasing visibility, raising buyer awareness, and growing sales.

Profit from the marketing mistakes small business owners have made and how to avoid making the same mistakes. We also provide examples, tips, resources, and warnings to help guide your business toward focused growth

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My Marketing

Peaceful Selling Sales Book - $20

Sell within your personality and leverage the proper techniques to actually close the deal.

Approach any sales situation with confidence and enthusiasm.

Challenge your clients’ thinking and make a positive impact on their business and their lives.

Get ready for sales success with less stress. Get ready for Peaceful Selling!

Price includes Book and Shipping
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Collaborative Services

HONOR SERVICES OFFICE™ is your office too! Let's collaborate on your idea to see how we can customize the platform to fit your needs.

Let's Collaborate!

Need customization? Let's talk! We understand how to make our business your business


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