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Email Marketing Small – Easy – Tasteful Keep clients engaged with a brief note that showcases your home based or small shop business.
What Client Portal

Contact Management

Get to know contacts through your notes on e-mail exchanges, phone conversations, and meetings. Set up auto reminders for your calendar to stay in touch and keep the conversation going. Understand the needs of clients and prospects to grow relationships and your bottom line.
Why Client Portal


Be on time all the time. Schedule time with your clients and engage deeply with them. Get reminders, send invitations and never miss an appointment.
Why Honor Services Office


Want to see how things are going? Use HONOR SERVICES OFFICE ™ for your reporting needs. Track Invoicing, Shopping Cart Payments, Income, Expenses, Click Through's, Conversions, Visitors and more.

Small Shop Contact Management

Local groups like to be recognized. Create a group list in KUNAKA NOTES ™ and showcase how you appreciate them and their business.
Personal Plan

Home Based Business Contact Management

Keep track of who you meet using HONOR SERVICES OFFICE™ Grow your business on purpose instead of waiting at home.
Deep Engagement

See What Works

View reports on the last campaign to see if your conversion rate is where you expect it to be. Check your income on the latest sale. See how many seats were sold on your last Limited Quantity Offer.
Monetized Email

Dr. Gwen T.

People at Honor Services are consummate and transformational leaders. Their skills as a trainers and coaches have demonstrated effectiveness. The Honor Services Office software allows the end user to interact with the system in a way that stimulates innovative problem solving, thereby improving customer service. The impact and outcome of their coaching is the exponential growth of their client's businesses. I highly recommend Honor Services to any small or medium sized business in this challenging global economy. - MD
Content is a Gift

Why did we make KUNAKA NOTES™?

We saw the trend of great content being ignored. You worked too hard on this content to let it go by the wayside. Instead of the email being the star, your content shines. You send out a KUNAKA NOTE™ and bring back a follower of your content. Social Media gets noisy. Bring your followers to specific posts you want them to see and let them Self-Activate to get the next and the next.

1. Be small, grow large.

Small companies deliver customer service that large companies cannot. Send KNUAKA NOTES ™ only to those you are engaging.
No Spam
Shop or Boutique Serving Community

2. Be a community anchor.

Whether you serve a neighborhood, city or the world, become a stable organization that is more than a business. Anchors tell people "We are here to stay."

3. Be engaging, not spammy.

Those who are insecure about their service spam. There, we said it. Breaking into someone's house only to push your fodder on them is NOT COOL! Be engaging and focus on explaining your expertise
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