Mike Andres, Chairman, President and CEO at Logan's Roadhouse

"Stan is a person I trust. Over the years I have seen him define technology strategies that really work. His gracious attitude enables him to work well with small and large business owners. His team provides a wealth of knowledge and support."


"People at Honor Services are consummate and transformational leaders. Their skills as a trainers and coaches have demonstrated effectiveness. The Honor Services Office software allows the end user to interact with the system in a way that stimulates innovative problem solving, thereby improving customer service. The impact and outcome of their coaching is the exponential growth of their client's businesses. I highly recommend Honor Services to any small or medium sized business in this challenging global economy."

Esther A, Accountant | Financial Analyst | Payroll Expert

"I used Honor Services Office Invoicing to make a payment and it was extremely easy!"

Yolanda Collins, McDonald's Corp

"Honor Services is extremely innovative and every team they lead exceeds my expectations. Quality and great ideas seem to be the norm in all they do. It's great to see them combine their passion for growing people with your extensive technology background. This tool will help many small businesses grow! Congratulations!"

Yvette Armour, Accountant

"Honor Services is knowledgeable and understands your technology needs, they work diligently to make sure your results are proficient. I have recommended several clients to Stan, and they have all been pleased with his professionalism and expertise."

Steve Ingram, PMP Project Management Consultant at Integrated Project Management

"I have known Stan for over 25 years. I've seen Stan and develop from an outstanding computer science professional to an outstanding corporate America professional to an outstanding entrepreneur. In addition to a career of excellence, Stan and his team have consistently demonstrated a deep concern for people. They go out of their way to do what they can for others."