Coach News

Social tools are great for getting your opinion across; unfortunately, they tend to be a bit “noisy” at times.  Minutes or even seconds after your article is posted, five more articles are posted with no relevance to your topic.

You are an expert in your field.  You have an article to post or a job to list. People want to benefit from your expertise and you need a place where you can be heard.

Can articles become a business tool for generating traffic to you? Absolutely! Whether words of encouragement or a new regulation, articles draw attention to your business and what you have to offer.  We designed the tool to give you the place to showcase your product or expertise without all the noise. Add a picture of that book to entice your customer.

Post jobs and send them to the right people. A “teaser e-mail” is sent to draw people to your company and this relevant topic. List your recommendations without worrying someone will steal your ideas. Keep the competitive edge by documenting the latest and best practices. You have the FREEDOM to write what you want!

Coach Calculator

Being a full service coach means being prepared with the right information. Coaches have tried other salary calculator tools and found they could not store the result in a client’s record. They needed more than "just the facts." They needed reliable information.

Salary calculation made easy!
Calculate Compensation. We developed an easy-to-use salary calculator that can look at information by industry, by state, or by city. This information is quite useful when the clients enter the negotiation phase of their job search. This quickly provides the ammunition they need, specific to their industry and specific to their location.

More Data Points
Feel confident that the compensation information is correct in Honor Services Office. With over 5,000,000 data points you can rest assured you have what it takes to analyze hourly wages and annual salaries. With access to thousands and thousands of positions spread over 70 industries, you now have the FREEDOM to do your own analysis.

Paid or pro-bono, you have the ability to calculate salaries and store the information directly into your client’s record. This adds a personal touch to your service that is invaluable to your clients.

  Coach Calendar

A calendar is a calendar, or is it? We felt the calendar was the “center of organization” and we designed many processes around this tool. How organized are you? One missed phone call or one time being late to a crucial pitch meeting could mean losing a client or a major contract.

You may be organized, but what about your clients? Will they show up on time for that interview? Will they remember what you told them?

Hands-Free Career Coaching
You have created a checklist of instructions that prepares your client for that crucial interview. Now she needs a reminder of what you coached her to do in preparation for that important meeting. Your client will receive a personalized reminder from you when she schedules an interview through this calendar tool.

The reminder is now a "Smart Alarm" that not only reminds your client about the event but also provides step-by-step instructions or the encouragement or tips she needs from you. It's automatic.

Your time is freed up and your client still receives vital information needed to land that job or get that promotion. You have the FREEDOM to do other tasks while the tool does the reminding!

  Coach Doc

Access any document from any networked computer in the world. That sounds simple, but other solutions overcomplicated this task. We designed a simple tool that enables the sharing of documents with your staff and clients. 

Manage Documents
Presentations used for pitching your services, templates you built for your clients, workshop handouts and the latest rules and regulations can be uploaded with a title that better describes the document. Wouldn’t you like to know what’s in the document before you open it? With Honor Services Office you can read a full description of the document and determine if it is the one you were seeking.

Sensitive Information Requires More Protection
As a Coach you are held to a higher standard for safeguarding information. We looked to the Federal Trade Commission to provide us with guidelines to follow. Why the FTC? Because you handle very sensitive information in hard copy or electronic form and we needed to follow the strictest, safest rules for protecting your information and reputation.

Many Coaches do not realize they are in violation of data protection rules as stated under the FTC and the EU Safe Harbor Framework as set forth by the Department of Commerce regarding the collection, use, and retention of data. Click here to learn more »

• career counseling (of individuals seeking employment in the financial services industry).

  Supplier Manager

"More than phone numbers" was our cry when we built this tool. Some suppliers are used often others are used infrequently. Pricing, service, and value were quickly forgotten. Each time we needed a printer or caterer we would need to do time-consuming research hoping we would be fortunate to get a better supplier this time.

We just wanted to do a quick comparison of supplier pricing, services, or terms; other contact software wasn't good enough. With Honor Services Office, you can add as many suppliers as you wish because it's your contact database.

Isn't This Just Another Phone Book?
Contact lists aren’t bad, but they can be so much more. We designed a specific place to put your comments about your suppliers’ services. This note serves as a reminder of great or poor service to you and your team. 

Rate Your Supplier
With this rating system you can see at a glance how your suppliers are performing. Give them the number of stars they deserve for their performance. Sort the list of performers based on your rating.

  Coach Com

Coach Com was developed to drop a quick note to your clients and staff. This powerful messaging tool keeps your clients focused on your business. Document conversations and keep the banter moving when discussing vital parts of your plan.

E-mail notifications are used to ensure the message is read. Communicate more effective with Coach Com!