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Capture vital information to land the deal with our Advanced CRM. You do the work you love then leave the administration to the software. Track client activity, send invoices and receive payments online. Send an easy to build, beautiful email and track vital open statistics. Honor Services Office enables steady growth.

Institutions with Programs

Employment, STEM, enrichment, therapy, consulting, tutoring and many other programs leverage the benefits of collaborating online. Your customers, clients and participants can finally feel comfortable with sharing a detailed plan with you online. Honor Services Office keeps track of the plan or case you are working on.

Speaking Engagements and Training

Honor Services provides Sales, Marketing and Technology workshops and we are available to collaborate with Government and Non-Profit entities. We offer a range of custom speaking topics to engage your workforce, volunteers and participants. Motivational speaking coupled with solid process training gives the "why" behind the "what."

Do it Yourself Resources

We have developed and identified resources for those who wish to build business tools “their way.”
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A Tale of Two Small Businesses

Don't be frustrated. Go to the office!
Honor Services Office

Story1With paper piled high, Ana sits at her desk frustrated because she can't find where she wrote vital information about her client. As she flips through her high end notepad searching for the information, she stumbles across Javon's phone number.

A panic surfaced as she realized she hasn't called this potential client and could now lose the chance to land the account. At that moment the phone rings. Arturo complains about his invoice and refuses to pay.

Ana searches and searches through an ocean of word documents but could not find it so she promises to get back to him soon. In an effort to clear her head she decides to market her new book.

She jumps on a popular social tool to plug her book, seconds later eighteen other posts push hers out of eyeshot of her customer base.

Kwon calls asking if she can help him get organized in his career search. She points him to a website that has a lead management spreadsheet but unknown to her this company offers coaching services and steals her client.

The last phone call of the day was the caterer, who makes delicious coffee cake, cancelling again. "This is the second time they've done that!" She furiously remembers.

What an organized office!
Honor Services Office

Story2Zoe starts her day contacting the potential clients who are listed as "Not Contacted." She documents her conversations in the easy to use notes within CRM. Meanwhile, Herman contacts her because he received information about her new book and workshop through a marketing campaign she sent the week before in E-Mail Outreach.

With one click she converts Herman from a Potential Client to a Client and sends him an invoice through Online Invoicing. Herman securely pays online without worries because he clearly sees SSL is being used. He decides to login to Zoe's company through the private domain supplied by Honor Services Office to follow the plan she built in Client Manager.

Herman sends Zoe a message in Coach Com asking if she knows how much Operations Managers make in Marion Ohio. Zoe quickly responds with an answer.

Herman identifies leads in the area and saves important information regarding the company in their record. Once he get's an interview then he uses Interactive Calendar to receive a reminder containing Zoe's interview tips and the company research he saved earlier.

Zoe stores a large presentation in the Document Manager for the other coaches in her company to share. She is reminded about an appointment with the instructional design company she rated highly in Supplier Management.

To end her day, Zoe posts jobs, HR best practices, and career advancement tips in her Newsletter which automatically sends a teaser e-mail to a huge list of people. More business for tomorrow!