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Customer Relationship Management
Product Features
  • Contact management accessible from any networked computer
  • Document notes for phone, e-mail and general conversations
  • Facilitates prospecting and career management
  • Coach management of Potential Client to Client conversion

Grow Relationships, Grow Clients
Relationships are key to building business! Documenting vital information and specific needs helps foster a relationship that grows your client base.  You can’t keep it all in your head so get organized fast and simple!

Document Important Notes
Keep track of every conversation quick and easy. Document e-mail, phone and other conversations as often as you like. Each note shows the exact date and time you had your discussion.

How Many Touches Lands Your New Client?
Not all potential clients purchase the first time you contact them. Sometimes it takes as many as seven (7) conversations to move your potential client to purchase your product or service. This makes CRM extremely important!