Build Your Business On Purpose!

Too many people are relying only on referrals.  While they are great, it makes your cash intake somewhat unpredictable.  We will help you “Build Your Business On Purpose!” Learn how to take steps to actually growing your customer base instead of wishing.

High Achievement Marketing Process™ Workshops / Speaking Engagements

We have developed a systematic process business owners can follow to create, execute and follow-up on their overall marketing approach. We will guide you on each step as you develop and modify your plan. As you use this process, we hope you'll feel confident enough to take your business to the next level.

The process is broken into three major phases:

  • The Readiness Phase lists techniques to gather, prepare, create, and initiate your marketing plan in a way that is easy yet meaningful. We know many business owners wear multiple hats, so we spread the effort over the first thirty days.
  • The Execution Phase is focused on contact and reach to prospects, clients and customers. This is crucial to solidifying your brand as the expert while growing and building key relationships where your message can be heard. This is performed in the second thirty days.
  • The Follow-Up Phase lists techniques to follow up with your target audience, as well as review your marketing efforts for better results.

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Dual Advancement Sales Process™ Workshops / Speaking Engagements

We developed a step-by-step dual process because we know stress happens to many business owners during the sales cycle, especially when they try to be someone who they really aren't. They approach sales as a chore and usually don't show enough regard for the customer's true needs. Inevitably, the customer feels this and doesn't like it. As a result, that opportunity is often lost at the beginning of the sale.

Does this sound familiar?

Peaceful Selling helps you win at sales and eliminate unnecessary stress. It enables you to be who you are and create a relationship of value with your customer. As you execute the elements of the Dual Advancement Sales Process™ (aka "the Dual Process") you can feel confident that you and your customer are moving together towards a win-win sale.

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Business Profile and Email Marketing Campaign Development Service

People are looking at your web presence to determine if they will do business with you. Having a business page enables you to get your message out to your audience.

We will:

  • Develop a LinkedIn Business that matches with your message.
  • Develop a Facebook Business page that attracts more followers.
  • Develop a Twitter Profile that aligns with your message.
  • Develop an Honor services page fit for your clients to see.
  • Create a matching Grand Opening Email Campaign.

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