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Client Manager
Product Features
Client Manager
  • Client Dashboard
  • Private notes for general comments, e-mail and phone conversations
  • Client Plan / Case Management
  • Interview Reminder Calendar App
  • Client Access to your articles, news, job posting or other information
  • Client Payment History
  • Client Document Management
  • Client contact information
Client Manager

Honor Services Office Gives You Your Own Domain
You can leverage Honor Services Office whether you have a website or not. You get your own private site Your clients will log in to an area branded with your logo.

Share Plans or Cases
Your clients expect their information to be safe and secure. As you collaborate with them you can build a plan that fits their needs and store it where they can see it.  Your client can log in and modify the plan and together you can achieve the goal.

Cases have never been easier.  We give you the means to break your case down into its constituent parts while keeping all the information under one client. Title the case  and place dates on each entry.

Client Manager

Document Your Conversations
Trying to piece together the conversations you had with your clients through e-mail can be difficult at best.  We designed this tool from a coach’s perspective. You can now document your conversation right into the clients’ record. Don’t worry—your client cannot see the comments you add. You can keep a history of phone calls, e-mails, and general comments, documenting every aspect of your confidential client relationship.

Is Your Client Information Secure?
As a Coach you are held to a higher standard for safeguarding information. We looked to the Federal Trade Commission to provide us with guidelines to follow. Why the FTC? Because you handle very sensitive information in paper or electronic format and we needed to follow the strictest, safest rules for protecting your information and reputation.

Honor Services Office is definitely the tool for you when it comes to client information security. We follow the strictest rules to keep your clients information safe. Daily, weekly, and monthly backups are performed and all data activity is closely monitored to ensure you get the most uptime.

With Secure Socket Layer (SSL) encryption  and 24 hour security monitoring we keep your data safe.

  Client Manager

Lead Manager
Coaches like you need a place to have clients log in and keep their “stuff.” They searched and searched and could not find a decent client management tool specific to the needs of a coach so we built one.

Clients can add as many leads as they like to track progress on their search. Eventually they will schedule an interview with the lead and be automatically reminded of your coaching wisdom through an automated e-mail. All information collected about the leads’ company can be  sent with the reminder e-mail.

A customized cover letter can be stored within each lead and an e-mail can be sent with one of five resumes' attached.

Clients have the FREEDOM to access their leads, store resumes and cover letters, and store vital information about the company they are prospecting.

Coach CRM
Client Manager