Our Company

Honor Services has developed cloud software to enable businesses to be organized resulting in growth.  We know small business. We developed simplified applications that integrate your business so you don't have to worry about the administration. This gives you more time to do what you love.

Our Process

Grow your business systematically

Step 1. Implement Honor Services Office Contact Management to build your prospects, potential clients and or donors.

Step 2. Send Estimates with your proposals that are descriptive and compelling

Step 3. Convert your prospects into customers to collaborate on plan development or to track cases if you do case management.

Step 4. Send invoices and track online payments. Receive automatic overdue notices and enjoy automatic bookkeeping.

Step 5. Send a small powerful email campaign with a call to action that can include "Pay Now", "Buy Now", "Donate", "Learn More" "RSVP" and more.

Step 6. Track vital metrics about Contacts, Financials, and Emails to know where your business is growing.

Training / Workshops

We train companies on Sales and Marketing equipping them to grow and be focused. The software has four Primary Databases (Prospects, Customers / Clients, Invoicing / Bookkeeping and Email Statistics). We are unique because of our "all in one" approach to managing your business. No more multiple subscriptions. Build trust from your participant or client-base.

Our Mission

To successfully grow small businesses by offering affordable cloud database applications that integrates sales, marketing and finance for home based, women, veteran, start-up and micro businesses.

We strive to be different by developing simplified database technologies into one secure easy to use tool combining CRM, invoicing, client management and email marketing.

Those who use Honor Service Office love having one single place for four databases that eliminate the need for multiple subscriptions thus saving lots of money.

Stan Washington (Founder / President)

Stan Washington is a servant to small businesses. Like many people during the recession, Stan experienced job loss as his position was eliminated. Not knowing where to turn, Stan blindly went into business and made many mistakes. He sought GOD and mentors and remembered his training in which he helped thousands of entrepreneurs make millions. He got himself back on track and desires to help many through servanthood.

The Team

Our team of programmers, graphics designers, marketing and sales are here to serve you.

Johnny Swan – Senior Application Architect
Rod Sawyer – Senior Solution Developer
Charlie Seminara – Senior Graphics Designer
Marketing Workshop Books and Content – Victoria Cook
Sales Workshop Books and Content – Dan Duster

Our Plan

To develop easy to use applications at an affordable price. People have told us they don't have time to use all the bells and whistles of some of the more expensive solutions. They are busy doing what they love and want a system that does the administration for them. That's where Honor Services Office comes in. We provide only the necessary apps to run your small business so you won't have to spend hours trying to learn complicated apps.